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Product Brief Introduction:
Cu/Mo/Cu(CMC) is a sandwich composite including a molybdenum core layer and two copper clad layers. It has tailorable CTE, high thermal conductivity and high strength. All types of Cu/Mo/Cu sheets can be stamped into components.

The features of copper molybdenum copper
Large sized sheets available (length up to XXmm, width up to XXXmm)
Can be stamped into components
Strong interface bonding resist to 850 heat shock repeatedly
Tailorable CTE matching that of semiconductor and ceramics
High thermal conductivity
Product Properties:
Materials Density at 20 Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20 Thermal conductivity at 25
In - plane thru - thickness
13:74:13 9.88 5.6 200 170
1:4:1 9.75 6.0 220 180
1:3:1 9.66 6.8 244 190
1:2:1 9.54 7.8 260 210
1:1:1 9.32 8.8 305 250
Applications are similar with W-Cu composites.
Typical Applications: Microwave carriers and heat sinks, BGA Packages, LED packages, GaAs device mounts.

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